Things I Hate: Strix (Paladins)

Strix Paladins video game

I first noticed Strix when I was playing against an enemy player who destroyed our team in a siege match. I noticed he was a sniper (which I assumed didn’t exist in the game) and I wanted to try him for myself.

Strix Paladins Nintendo Switch PC Xbox One PS4

His sniper rifle is pretty powerful but against champions of stronger health bars it won’t be an easy “one shot” kill. In most games, I fail almost always with a sniper rifle.

Strix sniper scope Paladins

So I found it really hard to get the kills I needed to help my team win matches. Strix certainly works better in siege or onslaught. In team deathmatch, he’s really awkward to do much with.

Paladins Strix

He also has a pistol to switch to in close quarters combat, but it’s not very powerful but your only hope against a opponent nearby. I know some players like him a lot, but I wasn’t a fan myself.

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