Things I Hate: Pip (Paladins)

Pip Paladins Nintendo Switch PC Xbox One PS4

Paladins often makes parodies from popular culture, and this guy seems to be a parody of Rocket Raccoon from Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy. One of the few non-human champions, I wasn’t a big fan of him.

Pip Paladins video game

He has a potion launcher which acts like a grenade launcher. It actually is more useful to heal allies than it is to hurt foes with.

Pip turning people into chickens Paladins

His special move will turn enemies into chickens. While funny in a way, it’s not very useful. I’ve been turned into a chicken a few times, but I only died once during the chicken form.

Paladins champion Pip

He’s not the worst champion, but I have no desire to play a match as him ever again.

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