Things I Like: Lian (Paladins)

Lian goddess costume Paladins

Not one of the most popular champions in Paladins, but I liked her quite a bit. Wasn’t quite sure what to expect when I first played as her though.

Lian Paladins Nintendo Switch PC Xbox One PS4

She had a standard rifle that isn’t really on the automatic side like Viktor’s is. But it’s got power and a good range to it.

Lian Paladins video game

The most useful of them I think is the ability to automatically hit anyone in your direct line of sight unless they’re hiding behind an object. In siege mode, you can repel an enemy team to retreat if you time it right.

Paladins champion Lian

Not my favorite character in the game, but she can be a strong character to hold up a team in matches.

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