A Big Update About Me

Pink heart love love love

I haven’t discussed a lot about my personal life for a while. Like many of you, 2020 was far from easy for me. To top off all that pandemic stuff, I decided to get divorced. About ten years full of regret and mistakes, but my mind was made up. The main reason was she was not a good partner in any way shape or form.

Graduation cap and gown

I’ll give you some context on why. This photo is me when I was 17. I had suffered from countless years of bullying. School was a bad time in middle school especially and one of my brothers used to hit me constantly. What hurt more were the insults he’d throw with those punches. I honestly believed through countless years of abuse that I was ugly and stupid. And that nobody would ever want me. You have no idea how horrible I thought of myself at this time. I also have some dietary problems that made me feel like a freak and that only cemented that kind of self hatred.

Spartanburg high schooler

So I put up with someone who wasn’t a right fit for me. I tried to make the best of it, but I was very unhappy especially as time would pass. I don’t even like thinking about my personal life for those years in retrospect. The photo above was me as a senior in high school. A very miserable time in my life.

Big smile

Even though the scars of my trauma remain within me, I knew my worth somewhat. I’ve always considered myself a super sweet person with a wonderful heart. I knew it’d take some time to find the right woman, but it would happen.

Leopard blouse

Then before 2020 was over, I had the pleasure of going out with this gorgeous hottie. This is actually the photo she took before our first date. We both were going through a divorce, and like myself, she had an ex spouse that wasn’t worthy.

Smoking hot optician

I had been so blown away by how much I liked her from the beginning. She was drop dead gorgeous, my body type, she has such a sweet heart, our personalities match very well, and the list goes on. I think both us coming out of a horrible and a toxic marriage made us appreciate each other even more so. In high school I had zero confidence, in 2020 mild confidence, and now she has made me feel so loved. For the first time since childhood, I was able to love myself.

Kissing in the sunflower field

I made a promise to myself that I would always treat her as best as I possibly could. I would open doors, get her flowers, and always tell her how much I love her. I would always be the absolute opposite of her deadbeat ex-husband. A lot of people she knows are quite envious of how well I treat her. I do realize that a lot of men are complete trash when it comes to treating women, and I would never be that guy.

Newly engaged couple

While it hasn’t nominally been a lot of time, I asked her to marry me back in July. And of course, she accepted. We wanted to get married before the end of the year.

Just married

And we got married yesterday. I’m officially a step-dad. And I do vow to treat Princess L like she was my own child. But if you think the wonderful news stops there….

Baby ultrasound

She’s pregnant with my baby. Our little bundle of joy will be arriving in June.

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2 thoughts on “A Big Update About Me

  1. Hey congrats Adam! Hooray! (I was a little worried you’d find some woman on all of the video games you write about.) Whew! What a grand time in your life, with lots of hurdles kicked out of the way a bit. Many times, the next time around, is MUCH better. Have fun! Linda in Kansas


  2. Well, I’m awfully late but I’m going to comment because I’m so happy for you! You’re a wonderful young man and I hope no one ever makes you feel unworthy. Wishing you all a lifetime of joy!


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