Things I Like: Tangled (2010 Film)

Tangled 2010 disney movie poster

I remember hearing rumblings about Tangled when it came out in 2010. The movie is based on the classic fairy tale Rapunzel, and back in 2010 I wasn’t exactly rushing out to go see it. But my mom bought herself the Blu-Ray version, and begged me to watch the extra DVD packed in.

Adoptive mother Tangled 2010 disney movie

I honestly don’t remember much about the versions of Rapunzel I’ve heard as a child. I just remember some girl in a tower with very long blonde hair. Disney adds a little originality to the story by making Rapunzel a princess at birth (in the original stories she becomes a princess by marriage) who had been kidnapped by an old woman who uses her magical hair to restore her youth. Rapunzel was too young to remember her real birth parents, but while she cares for her adoptive mother she longs to explore the outside world.

Rapunzel and Flynn Rider Tangled 2010 disney movie

She then meets a young bandit named Flynn Rider after he climbs into the tower after being chased. Rapunzel confiscates his bag which holds a valuable tiara which ironically belonged to Rapunzel herself and uses it to barter with him to take her to see a lantern display that happens on every one of her birthdays.

Chameleon in a dress Tangled 2010 disney movie

While I wasn’t as wowed by the movie as my mom, I did enjoy it. The animation is absolutely beautiful, and it features wonderful singing scenes. I thought Rapunzel and Flynn had decent chemistry, and the horse Maximus was pretty humorous.

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