Taking a Miami Boat Tour on the Island Queen

Island Queen boat Miami Florida Biscayne Bay

I hadn’t gone on a boat since Fort Sumter when I was in middle school. But I wanted to take a boat tour with my wife while we on our honeymoon in Miami, Florida. This one was one of many, but since part of it is completely covered, we knew we’d be dry as it looked like it would rain possibly.

Boat tour Biscayne Bay Miami Florida

The plastic chairs don’t scream luxury, but I was glad it didn’t rain and we stayed on the top deck.

Super yachts Biscayne Bay Miami Florida

We got to see a bunch of yachts. One was owned by the guy who owns Sears and Kmart. Yes, you can ruin two giant retailers and still own a huge boat while millions of Americans struggle to make rent. Makes perfect sense.

Millionaire houses Biscayne Bay Miami Florida

Unfortunately you can’t trust who the tour guide says owns boats or houses as I found a few inaccuracies. Apparently a lot of celebrities have houses here. Which I don’t doubt.

Al Capone Mansion Biscayne Bay Miami Florida

One of which is true is this mansion owned by Al Capone when he was alive. He actually died in it.

Party boat Biscayne Bay Miami Florida

We had a good time on our boat tour. It went quicker than I wanted, though.

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