Letters to Juliet (2010 Film) Review

Letters to Juliet 2010 movie poster

While I haven’t really heard of the movie until later, it has Amanda Seyfried in the leading role. I liked Seyfried in Veronica Mars and Les Miserables. I wasn’t sure if I would even like Letters to Juliet but it really surprised me.

Sophie Hall Letters to Juliet 2010 movie

The plot begins with a young woman named Sophie Hall who has traveled to Verona, Italy with her fiance for a pre-honeymoon. While in Italy she noticed a wall of letters but doesn’t know the reason. She finds out that women from all over the world leave them there for “Juliet” to respond. She finds a letter from over fifty years ago, and decides to see if the author ever found happiness or not.

Claire Letters to Juliet 2010 movie

To her astonishment, the woman is still alive and decides it was a good idea to find her lost love. Her grandson Charlie helps her in Italy even though he believes the whole idea is just non-sense. Being fascinated with her story, Sophie begs Claire to let her assist them in finding her Lorenzo Bartolini. Except that will be easier said than done.

Amanda Seyfried Letters to Juliet 2010 movie

I often think romantic dramas can be a little boring, but I really enjoyed Letters to Juliet. While I really liked Seyfried and her role as Sophie, I really enjoyed the love story between Claire Smith-Wyman and her Lorenzo Bartolini. It’s wonderful to be pleasantly surprised by a film.

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