Things I Hate: Rugrats: All Grown Up! (Nickelodeon)

Rugrats: All Grown Up! Nick

The original Rugrats cartoon was a excellent portrayal of the joys and wonder of being a kid yourself. The show came on for years, so by the time the series was coming to an end most of the fans have “grown up” themselves. Thus Nickelodeon spun the show off into their own stories except they were in middle school.

Tommy and chucky Rugrats: All Grown Up! Nickelodeon

I remember when they first tried the idea that it was a special episode on the original series. That was a cool idea, and it only lasted under 30 minutes. So you got to see “the future” of all these characters.

Phil and Lil Rugrats: All Grown Up! Nickelodeon

Except the writing on the show wasn’t very good. They had a few decent episodes, but apparently middle school is boring. I’m surprised it lasted 5 seasons.

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