BurgerTime (NES) Review

BurgerTime NES Boxart

I’ve never played any version of BurgerTime until now. I’ve heard good things, though not about the NES version at least. I know most of the BurgerTime fanboys fell in love with the arcade original.

BurgerTime arcade original

This is what the arcade version of Burgertime looks like. Not bad for 1982 if I do say so myself.

BurgerTime NES data east

This is the NES version which takes a bit of a hit graphically but not as much as some other ports of the game that I’ve seen. BurgerTime is like any other classic arcade game. You serve out it’s purpose (by making burgers) gain points, and go to the next level.

BurgerTime Nintendo entertainment system

BurgerTime might have been a decent experience for me, however I found the stiff control system way too restricting for me. Unless my controller is messed up, I found it hard to precisely control what I was doing, and I was followed by countless deaths because my burgerman wouldn’t move when I wanted him to. I’m going to assume this was just a bad port, so save your hate.

Score: 3 out of 10

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