Things I Like: The Big Bang Theory (TV Series)

The Big Bang Theory poster Warner Bros

I definitely judged this show wrongly back when it was new. My wife recommended it to me, and we watched the whole series in just a few months. One of my absolute favorites now.

Sheldon Cooper The Big Bang Theory

The show is carried a lot by the character of Sheldon Cooper. His quirky and bizarre personality is just so unreal. Hardly doubt the series would have lasted without him. Like a car without an engine.

Leonard Hofstadter The Big Bang Theory

I will say, Leonard did a lot of things to make me dislike him for such a major character. After getting Penny, he cheated on her and constantly whined about everything. He technically won the nerdy man lottery, and he is pretty ungrateful.

Howard Wolowitz katee sackhoff The Big Bang Theory

You almost forget how pathetic and creepy Howard was at the beginning. He definitely grows up after meeting Bernadette and getting serious.

Raj The Big Bang Theory

All the guys are absolute trash when they are boyfriends to female characters. Raj probably the most, all of those awkward years turned him a little toxic. I kinda preferred it when he didn’t talk around women.

Penny in sexy Wonder Woman costume The Big Bang Theory

I know exactly why they casted Kaley Cuoco as Penny. She’s not my type, so I enjoyed her by her personality. She’s actually sweet and I always called her Sheldon’s second mom. I actually was against her going back to Leonard. She might had a bad history of terrible choices in men, but she honestly deserved better.

Bernadette Cheesecake Factory uniform The Big Bang Theory

Howard definitely lucked out with Bernadette. Howard was getting freaky with a robotic hand, so Bernie was a million steps up from that. Though after getting married, I will say Howard was a pretty decent husband to her.

Amy Farah Fowler The Big Bang Theory

And lastly Amy Farrah Fowler. At first, she’s the female Sheldon. An asexual and aromantic flesh robot nagged by her mother to date at least once a year. They quickly humanize her and her wanting to be “loved” by Sheldon is such a long battle. She is definitely and hilariously very very bi for Penny.

Wil Wheaton The Big Bang Theory

The celebrity cameos are also so good. The best written one is the only celebrity I didn’t know, Star Trek alumni Wil Wheaton. Him becoming Sheldon’s nemesis was brilliant.

Howard Wolowitz cosplays as Sheldon Cooper for Halloween The Big Bang Theory

Like most sitcoms, it lasted about a decade, and the last two seasons definitely were the worst of the bunch. I always thought The Office was the de facto successor to Friends but since Warner Bros created both Friends and Big Bang, this definitely is far more deserving.

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