No More Heroes III (Nintendo Switch) Review

No More Heroes III Nintendo Switch boxart

One of my favorite series from the Nintendo Wii era was No More Heroes. It had rather flawed gameplay, but it was just so weird, so goofy, and very edgy. It’s been well over a decade now since the second game and I finally finished my third game with Travis Touchdown.

Travis Touchdown meets Fu No More Heroes III Nintendo Switch

The game takes place several years after the events of the second. A strange alien named Fu comes to Earth after leaving it for 20 years. Upon his arrival, he tries to conquer the Earth with his alien buddies. He gives anybody the chance to take him down, if they’re strong enough. And unsurprisingly, Travis Touchdown is the one and only volunteer.

Beam katana No More Heroes III Nintendo Switch

There isn’t anything radically different about No More Heroes III versus the last two games. You still fight with a beam katana and take out several different types of enemies. The town of Santa Destroy is far less explorable now, because there are more cities to see, all with plenty of side quests.

Sylvia Captain Marvel parody No More Heroes III Nintendo Switch

As usual, once you get to enough tasks done, you will have the chance to fight in boss battles. The ranking system is still in place, so you have alien bad guys to take out, plus a bunch of surprises along the way. I don’t want to spoil anything but you won’t get to fight all these aliens. As secret bosses will show up from time to time.

Travis Touchdown running after Native Dancer grandson No More Heroes III Nintendo Switch

Is No More Heroes 3 the best in the series? I would say with confidence, a soft no. I would call the third game the weakest in the whole series, and that’s not necessarily a bad thing. I was kind of shocked how awful the aliens looked and I was relieved that the worst looking ones are usually the ones replaced with better characters. They say that this is the final game in the whole series, but I think they’ve been saying that with the first two games too. I would definitely love to see a fourth game come out in a few years. Hopefully longer and a little better quality.

Score: B

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