Interview with the Vampire (1994 Film) Review

Interview with the Vampire 1994 movie poster

In 1994, I was six years old, so a scary vampire movie wasn’t exactly something I’d put into my VCR. I can’t recall exactly when I learned of the movie. I think it was during some kind of reflection thing on media, where someone mentioned Kirsten Dunst’s role in the movie was well acted for someone so young (she was only like 11) at the time. It also has some pretty big names (probably not as big back in 1994 except Tom Cruise) with Brad Pitt in one of the first roles that made him a household name.

Brad Pitt Interview with the Vampire 1994 movie

The movie starts in the present day (well…1994) in San Francisco. A journalist named Daniel Molloy is asked by a mysterious man to know his story. Alone in a room, Daniel Molloy realizes that this man really is what he claims to be. One of the darkest creatures of legend, this man is a vampire. He explains that his name is Louis, and that Daniel should not have any fear from him. He starts his story right before he turned into one of the darkest creatures of “myth”.

Tom Cruise Interview with the Vampire 1994 movie

Louis wasn’t always a vampire, two centuries prior he was human until a vampire named Lestat de Lioncourt saw a glorious potential. Near the end of his mortal life, Louis was deeply depressed and longed for the Grim Reaper. His wife and infant had died, and all the joy he had was gone from the world. Lestat gives him the choice to become a vampire, and Louis decides to accept his offer. Lestat becomes angry when Louis refuses to feed on mortal humans. He takes advantage of Lestat’s knowledge that vampires can survive off of animals like rats, and while his vampire body doesn’t like it, his soul becomes resistant to “evil”.

Kristen Dunst Interview with the Vampire 1994 movie

In a moment of weakness, Louis almost kills a little girl whose mother had just died of plague. Overwhelmed with guilt and blinded from better logic by it, he lets Lestat turn her into a vampire too. The girl Claudia soon becomes ruthless towards humans like Lestat, and many ways she’s worse because she often has no rules that dictate her methods. Louis becomes concerned as Claudia realizes that she will never grow up.

Interview with the Vampire 1994 movie Brad Pitt

Like I expected, I loved Interview with the Vampire. Most critics seemed to like it back in the day, minus some considerable naysayers. I do find it hilarious that Oprah Winfrey in 1994 walked out of the movie after ten minutes because the movie was “part of the forces of darkness” or something like that. It’s not really a horror film in the Jason Voorhees or Freddy Krueger way, or even a Stephen King way. It’s a well-done and interesting drama (based on a popular novel series) set in a very spooky setting. If you need such a movie for your Halloween time, you can’t really go wrong here either.

Score: A-

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