Things I Hate: Marie Antoinette (2006 Film)

I’ve never been the biggest fan of Kristen Dunst or French history, though I can enjoy both from time to time. But Marie Antoinette is a name that lives in infamy within France and throughout the world. While the Monarchs of England/Great Britain had slowly lost their powers from King John to the rise ofContinue reading “Things I Hate: Marie Antoinette (2006 Film)”

Interview with the Vampire (1994 Film) Review

In 1994, I was six years old, so a scary vampire movie wasn’t exactly something I’d put into my VCR. I can’t recall exactly when I learned of the movie. I think it was during some kind of reflection thing on media, where someone mentioned Kirsten Dunst’s role in the movie was well acted forContinue reading “Interview with the Vampire (1994 Film) Review”

Little Women (1994 Film) Review

I’ve heard of Little Women for many years now, but I had never read the classic novel by Louisa May Alcott. I always try to get to know the plots of famous books, so I know what people are talking about when it comes up. The 1994 incarnation of Little Women caught my eye, asContinue reading “Little Women (1994 Film) Review”

Things I Like: Mary Jane Watson (Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man Trilogy)

I liked Kristen Dunst here as Mary Jane Watson. She certainly was a good fit from what I had seen of her in the comics and the cartoon. She starts out as a high school senior whom Peter Parker has been in love with since they were kids. And Peter Parker doesn’t get close toContinue reading “Things I Like: Mary Jane Watson (Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man Trilogy)”