Serena (2014 Film) Review

Serena 2014 movie poster

When I first took notice of the movie Serena, I think it had been sometime in 2015. It’s hard to believe a movie with Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper could make such small waves. Most actors usually do the smaller movies to increase their chances of getting an (or another) Oscar. But I think the biggest reason why I didn’t hear much is because it’s a rather terrible movie. Sometimes the talent of actors can only take a film so far.

Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper Serena 2014 movie

The story is about George Pemberton, who lives in North Carolina and runs a timber company. He meets a beautiful woman named Serena Shaw who marries George in no time. She is not some pretty housewife, she’s confident and intelligent. She manages to be not only George’s spouse but his partner in their timber company. Which does cause some tension to those who believe that a woman has no place there.

Serena 2014 movie

George and Serena’s marriage won’t be perfect. George had an affair with a woman named Rachel Hermann, and she got pregnant. When the newlyweds arrive, George tries to pretend that Rachel doesn’t exist. Serena says she’s doesn’t care as it happened before they met, but when George sees his newborn child, things may change. Though this won’t be their greatest challenge or George’s greatest sin on the Earth.

Jennifer Lawrence yellow blouse Serena 2014 movie

I was also a bit shocked that Serena is based on a 2008 novel, as the story is garbage. It felt almost like a dream. It never has your full attention, and when it’s over you look back and wonder why most of it made little sense, especially the end. To make matters worse, the character Serena seems to be strong and independent but later turns out to be beyond crazy and evil. Even for fans for Lawrence and Cooper, this one is hard to watch. I suppose it could have been worse, but it should have been so much better.

Score: D-

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