Video Game History: Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory (DS)

Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory Nintendo DS boxart

While Splinter Cell: Choas Theory was a huge success on the Xbox, Ubisoft’s DS version was not so much. It was released early on in the DS’s lifespan, and I actually admit that I wanted this game back then. Until I heard all the bad reviews and complaints.

Sam Fisher breaking down door Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory Nintendo DS

Unlike the GBA Splinter Cells, the DS version was in full 3D. I have to say that the graphics were pretty impressive for the time. While the DS is commonly believed to be N64-level visually, they did crank out some games with rather remarkable visuals in comparison to its console counterpart.

Lock picking Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory Nintendo DS ubisoft

It did feature a rather similar game-play style to it’s Xbox big brother as well. Sam uses the same gear and tools, and you get to play a legitimate single player adventure. Not only that but multiplayer as well. It featured the 2 player story co-op that made the original version such a hit, and the Spy vs Mercenaries mode that was originally introduced in Pandora Tomorrow.

Spies vs mercs Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory Nintendo DS

A sluggish frame-rate, and awkward controls from what I hear is what killed Chaos Theory on DS. While Ubisoft deserves praise for the amount of work they did on the game, but the system’s limitations (especially controls) were too hard to overcome.

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