Things I Like: Ultimate Spider-Man (TV Series) Season 2

Ultimate Spider-Man season 2

While Spider-Man is my favorite super-hero, I have to admit; he’s actually been outclassed a bit by some of the recent super-hero movies. The 90’s cartoon is something I cherish, so I watched the first season of Ultimate Spider-Man. While I liked the first season, I thought Spider-Man being on a Avengers-ish team of teenage super-heroes lost a lot of focus. Is the 2nd season better or worse?

Deadpool Ultimate Spider-Man season 2

The second season isn’t too terribly different from the first, except there’s a lot more minor villains that make their debut here. Like Dr. Connors becoming The Lizard, Electro turning into a more powerful blue form, the Rhino causing havoc, and even Dracula.

Norman Osborn Iron Patriot Ultimate Spider-Man season 2

Though the story doesn’t start to take itself seriously until Norman Osborn becomes human again. He becomes the Iron Patriot to atone for his wrongdoings as the Green Goblin. Though Spider-Man may not be able to trust Osborn, and he has many enemies who are out to challenge him.

Ultimate Spider-Man season 2 Disney Marvel

Overall the second season is a bit of a bore but still decent. It’s focuses too much on quantity of characters and silly jokes to get a serious plot. Though I really liked the Iron Patriot story and the cameo with Wade Wilson. The combat scenes are often a joke with moments that have little progress and uneven powers.

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