Things I Hate: Going Overboard (1989 Film)

Going Overboard 1989 movie poster Adam Sandler

I rented this movie about twenty years ago. I was a big fan of Adam Sandler movies at the time, and I couldn’t believe I’ve never heard of it. One of the reasons was because it was before his fame on Saturday Night Live, and the other is because it’s trash.

Sailor uniform Going Overboard 1989 movie Adam Sandler

The movie is kinda like Sandler’s career at the time. He was a struggling young comedian who worked part-time jobs until he struck it big.

Adam Sandler Going Overboard 1989 movie

He would often talk into the camera and made it seem like “Comedy For Starters: The Cheesy Video Instructions”. Oh I get he’s suppose to be bad because that’s the film plot….

Going Overboard 1989 movie Adam Sandler

But he never progresses in his comedy, it’s just lame joke after lame joke. If your movie is almost a self-critical take on your career at the time then yeah it’s going to suck. I actually got a recommendation from the cashier at Blockbuster when I rented it. I don’t know what’s wrong with her brain, because I can’t see how anyone could enjoy this movie. I almost turned it off and took it straight back to the drop-off box.

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