Things I Like: The Host (2013 Film)

The Host 2013 movie poster

I saw this one many years ago. It’s based on a book by the same lady who wrote Twilight.

Max Irons The Host 2013 movie

The movie is about a Earth conquered by a race of small aliens who can take control of the bodies of humans. The story begins with most of Earth taken over, and only a few pure humans remain. One of them happens to be Melanie Stryder, who almost dies trying to escape capture. But while in the custody of the alien forces, she is bonded with an alien host. A new persona named Wanderer (or Wanda for short) emerges, but to Wanda’s shock; Melanie Stryder’s mind has not faded away and can take some control.

Saoirse Ronan The Host 2013 movie

Wanda and Melanie eventually sort out their differences and work together. They end up finding refuge in her uncle’s secret cave. However the remaining humans don’t trust Wanda as they believe Melanie no longer exists. The duo must convince everyone that Melanie’s spirit is still around, but the greater danger is the alien seekers who attempt to find them.

Diane Kruger The Host 2013 movie

While The Host is far better than I expected, it’s also very far from perfection. I suppose it’s greatest fault is that the aliens aren’t very antagonistic. They’re cold and lack emotion, but overall won’t scare an audience. The only real villain is The Seeker whose importance falls flat. I guess the film floats around the idea of being either a terrific action film or a outstanding drama but only does a weak attempt of both. While I really did like the story of Melanie/Wanda; the rest of the film was entertaining enough but seriously fell short of its potential.

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