Things I Like: Cruella (2021 Film)

Cruella 2021 movie poster Disney Craig Gillespie

I definitely remember when Cruella hit theaters last year. I was interested a little but not enough to go see it with a movie ticket. It’s been on Disney+ for quite some time now, and I finally got around to watching it.

Estella red hair and beret Cruella 2021 movie Disney emma Stone

This is ironically the origin story nobody asked for. We see Cruella at an early age as she grows up to be a talented thief. But her real name is Estella.

Estella getting drunk on whiskey Cruella 2021 movie Disney Emma Stone

She gets a chance to work in the fashion world by taking an entry level position. Which breaks her soul when it involves just cleaning the building.

The Baroness meets Estella Cruella 2021 movie Disney Emma Thompson

Then she gets to work for the Baroness. In addition to being British nobility, she’s also a world-renowned fashion designer. But she’s a narcissistic horrible woman on the inside.

Cruella will dalmatian dress Cruella 2021 movie Disney Emma Stone

When Estella finds out something to get revenge for, she reinvents herself as the edgy fashion genius Cruella. Existing only really to slander the Baroness’ name, sabotage her business, and steal her legacy.

Cruella vows revenge for her adopted mother Cruella 2021 movie Disney Emma Stone

I don’t really want to spoil anymore of the movie but it’s really darn good. What makes it so fantastic really is the acting by Emma Stone as Cruella and Emma Thompson as the Baroness. It may be one of strangest choices for Disney to make a movie but they sure were successful with it. I’m shocked neither of the Emmas were nominated for the Oscars but the film did win for Best Costumes.

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