Video Game History: Star Wars: Rogue Squadron (N64)

Star Wars: Rogue Squadron N64 boxart

Unlike most other movie franchises, Star Wars has been pretty favorable when it comes to good games. Don’t get me wrong, there have been plenty of awful Star Wars games, but decent and darn near fantastic ones as well. One of the best and most respected series was easily the Rogue Squadron series.

X-Wong flying around Tatooine Star Wars: Rogue Squadron N64

Rogue Squadron used the N64’s expansion pack to upgrade the graphical power of the system. Which gives it a much better look, and the visual gap between it and its sequel on Gamecube wasn’t as wide as say Super Mario 64 and Super Mario Sunshine.

Flying an x-wing Star Wars: Rogue Squadron N64

But despite the good graphics, it also featured excellent flight-combat missions set in the classical Star Wars time-line. You actually control a member of the Rogue Squadron, the same team that took down the Death Star. You could also pilot other vehicles besides Luke Skywalker’s classic X-Wing.

X-wing vs tie fighter Star Wars: Rogue Squadron N64

Critics loved the game, many praising it as a revival of fantastic Star Wars games on consoles. Many called it one of the best games of 1998. The game also went well with gamers, as it did well in stores enough for LucasArts to produce a sequel for the launch of the Nintendo Gamecube.

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