Things I Like: Alien Hominid (Gamecube)

Alien Hominid Nintendo Gamecube boxart

I heard the game was originally a really cool flash game, but the actual console version they built was apparently a little more of a solid experience. I ended up getting the Gamecube version not terribly long after its release.

Boss robot Alien Hominid Nintendo Gamecube

It was kinda like Metal Slug meets goofy alien stories. I mention Metal Slug since it was one of the few side-scrolling shooters that wasn’t tough as nails. Alien Hominid is pretty much the same deal. A great adventure that almost anyone can finish.

Alien Hominid Nintendo Gamecube

But that doesn’t mean a friend couldn’t join too. The alien duo can cause quite the rampage in midst of the chaos in battle.

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