Things I Like: The Batman (2022 Film)

The Batman 2022 movie poster Matt Reeves

With the DCEU in a total mess, I’m not surprised that Warner Brothers went with another Batman movie not connected to the shared universe. Robert Pattinson also received a lot of hate for his role in Twilight, so he had big shoes to fill as the new Batman.

Robert Pattinson The Batman 2022 movie

The movie doesn’t technically start as an origin story. The Dark Knight isn’t exactly new to the crime fighting game, but he’s been doing it enough to be slightly tolerated by the police.

The Riddler The Batman 2022 movie Paul Dano

The main villain of the movie is The Riddler. He goes on a killing spree, first by killing the retiring Mayor of Gotham. Then he targets other people who should be on the side of good. But the Riddler is definitely convinced that they haven’t been model citizens after all. His goal is to expose all the corruption in Gotham City.

The Batman 2022 movie Robert Pattinson

I will say that Robert Pattinson makes a pretty good Batman. Not my favorite ever, but definitely far from George Clooney bad. There were a few moments where it seemed too unrealistic on how he survived certain events.

Bruce Wayne suit and tie The Batman 2022 movie Robert Pattinson

What I wasn’t a big fan of, was his Bruce Wayne alter ego. They do a twist with his parents, but Bruce is often too moody during the film.

Zoe Kravitz as Selina Kyle Catwoman The Batman 2022 movie

I was really impressed by Zoe Kravitz as Selina Kyle/Catwoman. She definitely isn’t my favorite Catwoman of all time, but she definitely is the best one of the 21st Century.

Colin Ferrell as Oswald Cobblepot The Batman 2022 movie The Penguin

I was a little disappointed by the Penguin of the movie. He’s more or less a mobster with a funny name.

Jeffrey Wright as James Gordon The Batman 2022 movie

I also thought the new Jim Gordon wasn’t very impressive. I think Gary Oldman killed it so well in the Christopher Nolan movies and it’s difficult for anyone to hold a candle.

Alfred Pennyworth The Batman 2022 movie Andy Serkis

I did like the new Alfred but he’s far from the best. He reminds me of the Alfred Pennyworth in the television series Gotham.

Riddler question mark in coffee cup The Batman 2022 movie

But I actually was really impressed by the new Batman film. The Riddler actually was a much more interesting villain than I ever expected. A sequel has been confirmed to be in the works and I definitely think I’ll see it theatrically rather than waiting for it to arrive on HBO Max.

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