Things I Like: Arctic Tale (2007 Film)

Arctic Tale 2007 movie poster

I saw this many years ago.

Mama polar bear and her babies Arctic Tale 2007 movie

The film follows two split stories between a mother polar bear and her cubs, and a newborn Walrus and her herd. I don’t particularly care for Walruses, but I enjoyed watching the early life of the polar bear cubs. This film is by National Geographic which also produced March of the Penguins, but sadly you won’t hear this story narrated by the legendary Morgan Freeman. Instead we have to settle for Queen Latifah who was more suited for the role than I suspected as I have to admit.

Walrus Arctic Tale 2007 movie

But despite the cute poster, this movie does not ignore or hide the harsh circumstances of nature. Tragedy does strike a major blow to both the Polar Bears and Walruses in rather heart-breaking moments.The movie’s main focus is Global Warming’s affects on the arctic, and the life-changing alterations because of it to the animals there.

Cracked ice Arctic Tale 2007 movie

I did learn a little from watching Arctic Tale, and it really opened my eyes on the sad circumstances of the creatures up north. Since I’ve never seen March of the Penguins I can’t compare the two, but it certainly doesn’t match the Planet Earth TV series documentary. But I think everyone should give it a chance. It’s not mind-blowing but it will make you think a little differently about the eco-system.

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