Things I Like: Planet Puzzle League (Nintendo DS)

Planet Puzzle League Nintendo DS boxart

Back in 2007 I remember when Planet Puzzle League came out for the Nintendo DS. It gained notable attention in the United States as it was the latest sequel to Pokemon Puzzle League on N64, and Tetris Attack on SNES. In Japan the series is known as Panel de Pon, but in America, Nintendo has merged it with other popular video game series to make it more appealing. I loved Tetris Attack so this was one was an easy buy.

Planet Puzzle League Nintendo DS

Despite it’s original American release, Planet Puzzle League bears no direct relation to the classic puzzle game Tetris. Except the obvious inspiration virtually all puzzle games have taken from the 1980’s classic. Planet Puzzle League does play exactly like Tetris Attack on SNES where you must match at least 3 blocks of the same color.

Planet Puzzle League Nintendo DS video game

The core gameplay is solid, and they do throw in a few new modes to add a little variety. I really wanted to try Planet Puzzle League for the online play, but sadly I couldn’t find a single match. After six years I guess I can’t say I’m surprised. I do like how the stylus-control offers near-perfect control of your moves.

Planet Puzzle League Nintendo DS Panel de Pon

Though I would dare say using a stylus may make the game too easy. Adding the fact that I technically can’t play against anyone online, I do say I’m disappointed but I still enjoyed it.

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