Things I Like: Amelie (2001 Film)

Amelie 2001 movie poster

I don’t remember how I originally heard of Amelie, but it had almost universal acclaim by critics.

Amelie 2001 movie

The story is about Amelie Poulain, a French woman who had an awkward childhood where she had almost no friends. This has led her to have a massive imagination. Inside her room she discovers a box hidden on the other side of the wall. Inside it is are a few things a boy from the 1950’s would have collected.

Amelie 2001 movie France

She decides to find the owner of the box even though it’s been about 40-50 years. She finds some clues and goes on a bit of an adventure. Amelie loves to help people but she does a have a strange way of getting things done. But before she knows it, her life might change forever as she meets the perfect person.

Amelie 2001 French movie

I did like Amelie but just not as much as critics back in 2001. It’s an extremely clever movie, but I will admit that the language barrier does dull some of its humor. I also felt that there were a quite a few boring moments that slowed down the movie’s pace.

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