Things I Like: Stardust (2007 Film)

Stardust 2007 movie poster

I had never heard of Stardust when it came out in theaters in 2007. I had heard it was good but I wasn’t quite sure how good it was. I also had not really a clue what the plot was really about. It’s very creative, so that’s not surprising. It’s one of those movies that comes along every few years. It was based on a 1999 novel of the same name.

Claire Danes Stardust 2007 movie

The plot begins shortly before the birth of Tristan Thorn. His father Dunstan had crossed over into another reality with a world full of magic. Tristan wants to marry a pretty girl named Victoria, and promises her he’ll get a fallen star they saw in the sky. He crosses over to the same realm that his father did, and finds out that the fallen star is a gorgeous woman named Yvaine.

Michelle Pfeiffer Stardust 2007 movie

Tristan wasn’t the only person to notice Yvaine’s fall to Earth. A witch named Lamia wants her heart as it has the power to restore her youth for countless years. A group of princes want her power in a dispute of which one of them will be the next King of Stormhold. It will be up to Tristan to protect Yvaine from harm.

Stardust 2007 movie Claire Danes

While it starts off rather slow, I was really impressed by Stardust. The dark humor and jokes are very funny, but it takes itself serious enough when it needs to be. I also really enjoyed the love-story in the movie, and the part about Tristan’s mother. Robert De Niro was also excellent as the odd but likable Captain Shakespeare.

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