Things I Like: The Great Gatsby (2013 film)

The Great Gatsby 2013 movie poster

I do recall when The Great Gatsby was in theaters. I’ve heard a lot of positive and negative opinions since then and I decided to wait. I loved the book when I read it in high school, so I eventually couldn’t wait much longer.

Tobey Maguire The Great Gatsby 2013 movie

The plot follows the book very closely. A man named Nick Carraway moves to New York City with hope, and lives very close to the legendary Jay Gatsby. While Carraway lives in a small house, Gatsby lives in a majestic mansion. Even though they have never met, Carraway gets personally invited to meet Gatsby. He is befriended by his neighbor, but only because of his cousin Daisy.

The Great Gatsby 2013 movie

Five years earlier, Gatsby fell in love with Daisy but after World War I he could not return to her. She married someone else (though he is far from a perfect husband) and already has a daughter. Gatsby is too nervous to meet Daisy again to approach her directly. So he uses Carraway as a way to reunite with his lost love.

Leonardo Dicaprio The Great Gatsby 2013 movie

Overall The Great Gatsby was a lot better than I expected. While it has its imperfections, I found it to be very true to the original novel.

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