Things I Like: Pleasantville (1998 Film)

I’m pretty sure I remember hearing about the movie Pleasantville back in 1998, but I don’t think it was a movie I wanted to see when I was just about ten years old. This was a few years before Tobey Maguire would become the first major film version of Spider-Man. This was one of theContinue reading “Things I Like: Pleasantville (1998 Film)”

Things I Hate: Seabiscuit (2003 Film)

In 2003 I do recall when Seabiscuit hit theaters, but at the time I had little interest in seeing it. I remember Tobey Maguire (who already taken the role of Spider-Man) was in it, and that it was obviously about the famous horse Seabiscuit. After ten years I was intrigued enough to give it aContinue reading “Things I Hate: Seabiscuit (2003 Film)”

Things I Like: The Great Gatsby (2013 film)

I do recall when The Great Gatsby was in theaters. I’ve heard a lot of positive and negative opinions since then and I decided to wait. I loved the book when I read it in high school, so I eventually couldn’t wait much longer. The plot follows the book very closely. A man named NickContinue reading “Things I Like: The Great Gatsby (2013 film)”

Spider-Man: No Way Home (2021 Film) Review

Spider-Man has been my favorite superhero since I was a little boy. I’ve watched all of the movies and most of the other media featuring our favorite wall crawler. Far From Home ended so epically that fans had so many theories about what was going to happen. And when the trailer came out, most kindContinue reading “Spider-Man: No Way Home (2021 Film) Review”

Things I Like: Spider-Man/Peter Parker (Sam Raimi Spider-Man Trilogy)

Spider-Man had been my favorite superhero since I was a kid, and I really liked Tobey Maguire’s portrayal of him. This was the first time Spider-Man was made into a major movie, so Maguire had a lot to live up to, but he always seemed like a good fit. He certainly captured Peter Parker’s geekyContinue reading “Things I Like: Spider-Man/Peter Parker (Sam Raimi Spider-Man Trilogy)”