Things I Like: Arthur Christmas (2011 Film)

Arthur Christmas 2011 movie poster

I don’t think I even heard of Arthur Christmas when it came out years ago. I’ve been trying to see a few new Christmas movies this year, and Arthur Christmas seemed promising. I heard it did very well with critics, but what did I think?

Family dinner at the north pole Arthur Christmas 2011 movie

The story starts in the modern day as Santa Claus is one of many Santas who had been at the North Pole for generations. Santa became Mr. Claus after his father retired, whose father was also Santa. One year Santa is about to retire, but on his final night there is a mistake. A present got lost and a young girl named Gwen might be disappointed if it’s not there on Christmas morning.

Grandsanta Arthur Christmas 2011 movie

Santa’s holiday spirit has dwindled throughout the years, so the only person who seems to care is his odd son Arthur. His older brother Steve tells him that going back to Gwen’s house wasn’t possible. But Arthur’s grandfather the now retired Grand-Santa takes out his old sleigh and travels with Arthur to save Christmas.

Arthur Christmas 2011 movie

Arthur Christmas’ critical praise was nearly universal, but I didn’t like it that much. It’s cute, but the only times it made me laugh was Grand-Santa’s grim sense of humor. I think it’s a decent Christmas movie, but it certainly doesn’t compare to something like Elf.

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