Things I Like: Popeye (1980 Film)

Popeye 1980 Movie poster Robin Williams Shelly Duvall

Like many others, I was deeply saddened by the tragic death of the actor Robin Williams. He was a legend, and a very prolific actor. I had no idea that the classic character Popeye not only got a movie, but Robin Williams had the leading role. It was one of his first films, as before he was better known for his work on television.

Shelly Duvall Robin Williams Popeye 1980 Movie

The film begins with Popeye not knowing any of the characters. He arrives in a strange little town in the search of his long-lost father. His search for his father will have to wait. As he not only adopts a son, but falls in love with Olive Oyl.

Bluto Popeye 1980 Movie

But not everyone is very fond of Popeye. A group of idiots make fun of his appearance, and the fact that his father left him at an early age. However his biggest enemy is Bluto, a brute who is also the closest person to the Commodore, the most powerful person in town.

Robin Williams Popeye 1980 Movie

Overall I actually really enjoyed the movie, though I’m a little shocked that it did rather poorly with critics decades ago. The musical songs are a little dull, but I really enjoyed the humor. I also think they did a great job keeping the movie serious and silly when it needed to be.

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  1. Theresa says:

    I know I’ve seen this but I just don’t remember anything about it. Might have to rewatch it sometime.


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