Things I Hate: One Magic Christmas (1985 Film)

One Magic Christmas 1985 movie poster Disney

I don’t think I had ever watched One Magic Christmas in my childhood, but I had watched it years ago.

The parents One Magic Christmas 1985 movie Disney

The story is set with a family where the mom doesn’t have any Christmas spirit. After her husband loses his job for months, she can’t seem to look at Christmas in a positive light. On top on that, they will have to leave their home shortly after the holiday. The harsh reality has left her rather depressed as well.

Kids and their grandfather One Magic Christmas 1985 movie

Her daughter Abbie still believes in Christmas, and she meets an angel named Gideon who was sent by Santa to get her mom to be happy about Christmas. However Gideon can’t do much for her mother on his own, but puts his faith in Abbie to restore her mother’s Christmas spirit. Which will be quite the task, and even Santa will have to help.

Santa Claus One Magic Christmas 1985 movie

Overall I actually didn’t like One Magic Christmas much at all. The story goes from rather boring to surprisingly grim out of nowhere. I also thought the story had a lot of nonsensical parts especially with questions of why Santa rarely visits poor families. Though if there is one positive thing I can compliment the movie with is their Santa. I liked how he was more of the concept of Santa from the olden days than the modern American version of Santa Claus.

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