Things I Like: The Wedding Singer (1998 Film)

The Wedding Singer 1998 movie poster Adam Sandler Drew Barrymore

When I was little, movies with Adam Sandler were some of my favorites like Billy Madison and Happy Gilmore. But I realized the more I get older, the less I find Adam Sandler funny. I actually remember when The Wedding Singer was new, but for some reason I just never saw it until many years later.

Adam Sandler The Wedding Singer 1998 movie

The story is about a wedding singer named Robbie Hart. While his life isn’t glamorous, he does enjoy singing at weddings. He meets a girl working at the wedding named Julia Sullivan, and they both congratulate the other on being engaged even though Julia is still trying to set a date with her fiance. Robbie is super excited for his own wedding until his bride actually never shows up for it. Which leaves Robbie absolutely heartbroken.

The Wedding Singer 1998 movie Adam Sandler

He gets extremely depressed and he doesn’t want to be a wedding singer anymore because it reminds him of his pain. Though Julia and other friends make him eventually feel better. Julia gets Robbie to help her with her own wedding though she’s engaged to a man who doesn’t deserve her. Things change when the two realize how right they are for one another.

Drew Barrymore Adam Sandler The Wedding Singer 1998 movie

Most of Sandler’s work is panned by critics, but I’m not surprised this one did very well in that area. This movie reminds me a little of Elf with Will Ferrell. My mother hates Will Ferrell with a passion, but she loves Elf. I think The Wedding Singer would be a movie that even people who can’t stand Sandler will like. The humor isn’t that juvenile and it’s a got a good love story to it.

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