Things I Like: Big Eyes (2014 Film)

Big Eyes 2014 movie poster Tim Burton

I had not heard of Big Eyes until rather recently. The title sounds rather dull, but it’s a fitting title for a movie based on the life of this particular painter. I mainly wanted to see it because Amy Adams and Christoph Waltz were in it. Waltz is easily one of the most talented actors I’ve ever seen.

Christoph Waltz Amy Adams Big Eyes 2014 movie

The story is about the life of Margaret Keane, who meets her future-husband Walter Keane after moving to San Francisco. Walter seems to be a really nice and charming guy, and the two bond over their love of art. Except it becomes obvious that Walter is jealous that his wife is the better artist of the two.

Amy Adams Christoph Waltz Big Eyes 2014 movie

With a little luck, his wife’s paintings start to become popular. When someone asks who was the artist, for many bad reasons Walter claims it was him. His wife could tolerate him doing it once, but she loses a lot of her spirit when she’s convinced to spin a giant web of lies with him. She can barley stomach the pressure when her husband becomes a celebrity.

Christoph Waltz Big Eyes 2014 movie

I ended up liking Big Eyes quite a bit, I also knew Tim Burton was behind the movie and I liked how different this was from his other movies. I hear the real Margaret Keane thought Waltz looked, talked, and acted almost identical to the real Walter. It’s quite an amazing story, and despite some things sounding like Hollywood fiction, it’s surprisingly accurate to history.

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