Enchanted (2007 Film) Review

Back in 2007, I don’t even recall Enchanted ever coming out. I really liked its star Amy Adams in The Muppets and Man of Steel so I wanted to give Enchanted a chance. The film starts out in the cartoon fairy-tale land of Andalasia. The Queen Narissa is worried that her step-son Prince Edward willContinue reading “Enchanted (2007 Film) Review”

The Muppets (2011 Film) Review

As a child I remember watching various shows and movies involving The Muppets. I suppose it was with my generation that Kermit and his pals started to fade in popularity Especially when the series creator Jim Henson passed away in 1990. Over 20 years later, Disney decided to make a major movie hoping to reviveContinue reading “The Muppets (2011 Film) Review”

American Hustle (2013 Film) Review

I had heard of American Hustle last year but never got to see it in theaters. While the film did very well critically, I also wanted to see it because the main cast have had notable roles in super-hero movies. Christian Bale was Batman, Amy Adams was Lois Lane, Jennifer Lawrence was Mystique, Jeremy RennerContinue reading “American Hustle (2013 Film) Review”