Alexander’s First Day

Baby boy born in hospital

When my wife’s water broke almost a week early, we weren’t quite prepared. Because she had eaten the evening before, he wasn’t born until 6:30 in morning. I was very nervous about the cesarean but it was better than I expected. He’s perfectly healthy from all tests done thus far. When I first heard him cry (didn’t take a second after birth) my tears were like a waterfall of happiness.

Mama and baby boy hospital bed

Mama and baby are doing just fine. She’s had some side effects from anesthesia and the surgery in general. But she’s doing better by the end of the day. He’s trying to feed naturally and he was amazing at first but he’s having trouble now. He does love his pacifier.

Grandma meeting grandson first time Greenville south carolina

Alexander got to meet his maternal grandmother today. I think he knew she was a sucker to spoil him, lol. His Uncle Trey was next and finally his maternal grandfather. His grandpa might have caught him at a lucky moment, but my little man absolutely loved him. I wish more could have visited but we’re only allowed one guest at a time.

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7 thoughts on “Alexander’s First Day

  1. I can’t get over it. I’m just so happy for you. Alexander is beautiful and I love his name too. Gosh…. Adam… you mentioned a wife, but I was never quite sure who she was or what was happening. I’m thrilled with all the good news.


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