Things I Like: Rodrik Cassel (Game of Thrones)

Rodrik Cassel Game of Thrones HBO

Rodrik Cassel might of not be the most memorable character in the first two seasons, but he was one of the most important non-Starks at Winterfell. He was the master-at-arms at Winterfell and he trained two generations of Stark children how to fight including non-Starks like Jon Snow and Theon Greyjoy. Like the rest of his family, he was very loyal to the Starks.

Rodrik Cassel captured by Theon Greyjoy game of thrones HBO

Unlike Theon Greyjoy who turns on the Starks after a spat with his Iron Island King of a father. The loyal Ser Rodrik is captured by Theon and is killed by him after a public display of disrespect. In the book it’s different, as Rodrik was at odds with Theon but was killed in a sneaky plan by Ramsay Snow/Bolton. I assume the show changed it to make the Ramsay shocker a surprise.

Young Rodrik Cassel and Benjen Stark game of thrones HBO

You also get to see a much younger Rodrik in one of Bran’s visions overseeing a training duel between Ned Stark and his brother Benjen Stark.

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