Things I Like: The Greatest Showman (2017 Film)

The Greatest Showman 2017 movie poster Hugh Jackman Michelle Williams Zendaya Zac Efron

The Greatest Showman was something I heard about before it came out. One of Hugh Jackman’s first post-Wolverine roles, it’s also a musical like his previous work in Les Miserables, which I really enjoyed. Though when it hit theaters, critics hated it. Though regular folks seemed to be far more positive about the film.

Michelle Williams Hugh Jackman The Greatest Showman 2017 movie

The story is very loosely based on the life of circus genius P.T. Barnum. It shows him at a young stage of his life as a poor kid who has his eyes on a rich girl. Not for what her family has, but true actual love. When he grows up, he marries her, to the ire of her father. Though he isn’t given any handouts by his father-in-law, he has to elevate the status of his family with his own brain and his own two hands. Eventually he gets a new idea that almost nobody has tried before.

Zendaya with pink hair The Greatest Showman 2017 movie

He gathers trained animals and people of amazing talents and “unusual” abnormalities to put ona show that will be “the greatest show on Earth”. However Barnum’s show is not without its opponents. One newspaper journalist doesn’t see the appeal in it, though he admits that he sees the joy of the common people. Many of the city’s residents object to the cast of freaks that have been given stardom due to the show. Will they achieve their goals and dreams?

Hugh Jackman The Greatest Showman 2017 movie

Overall The Greatest Showman was good, but not great. It’s hard to hate the film for me, as it has a (almost) happy tone, it’s colorful, and the songs are upbeat. But not all the songs are great, and only one is actually pretty good. The story doesn’t meet up well with actual history either. Though I did enjoy the romance between the characters played by Zac Efron and Zendaya.

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  1. This was actually a film I loved


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