Things I Hate: Charles Brandon (The Tudors)

Charles Brandon The Tudors TV SERIES Henry Cavill

A character throughout the whole series, I was never the biggest fan of Charles Brandon. He’s good friends with King Henry VIII, so much that he’s elevated to being a duke.

Charles Brandon tries to seduce the Queen of France The Tudors TV SERIES

But he marries Henry’s sister Margaret in secret. Then cheats on her, and she dies. And he carries this dishonorable behavior for most of his life.

Charles Brandon vs Catholic rebels in Northern England The Tudors TV SERIES

While he almost always had the King’s favor, when he wasn’t trying to ruin the lives of those he hated at court, he was tasked by Henry to do some terrible work. Such as the slaughter of Catholic rebels in the north.

Charles Brandon long hair and beard The Tudors TV SERIES

After many years of service (this point is where he starts to look more like the real Charles Brandon) he is estranged from his current wife and lives with a French woman he met at war.

Charles Brandon as an old man The Tudors TV SERIES

Like Henry, the end of his life wasn’t too terribly happy.

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