Things I Like: Tenzin (Legend of Korra)

Tenzin The Legend of Korra nickelodeon

Tenzin is one of the main characters on The Legend of Korra. He’s the youngest child of Avatar Aang and his wife Katara. He’s also the head and father of all remaining Airbenders. Definitely not exactly how I imagined a son of Aang would be, but in a good way.

Tenzin and his wife The Legend of Korra nickelodeon

We get to see Tenzin as a devoted father and husband. Unlike his father, he’s very calm and serious most of the time.

Tenzin on flying bison with his kids The Legend of Korra nickelodeon

We later learned that Avatar Aang was actually not the greatest of dads. Something Tenzin actually never realized as a child himself. Since he was the only Airbender of Aang’s children, his father favored him as the heir to his legacy for airbending. But Tenzin seems to be very loving and tries to make as much time for his kids and I don’t think he favors any of them above any of the others.

Tenzin Kya and Bumi The Legend of Korra nickelodeon

It was interesting to see his relationship with his brother Bumi and sister Kya. One was a waterbender like their mother and the other technically was born without bending powers.

Tenzin training Korra in airbending The Legend of Korra nickelodeon

He was one of the main people protecting Korra since her birth and when it came time, he was the one who trained her in airbending. Which did not go smoothly… at all.

Tenzin captured by Amon The Legend of Korra nickelodeon

I did find it terrifying when Amon had captured him and his family and was going to remove their airbending powers from them. Technically, they weren’t going to die or get seriously injured but the legacy of the Airbenders could have been lost forever if Korra had failed.

Tenzin vs Zaheer battle The Legend of Korra nickelodeon

While he gets defeated a lot, he’s actually a very good Airbender and only Zaheer could rival him in strength as airbender versus airbender. I was happy for him when he realized that new airbenders were populating all over the world and he tried to recruit as many as possible to restore the lost civilization of air nomads.

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