Things I Like: The Princess (2022 Film)

The Princess 2022 Film Hulu poster 20th Century Studios

I remember when The Princess had its first trailer that I saw on Hulu, which is its home. And in 2021, it wasn’t very uncommon for big budget movies to hit streaming immediately, but The Princess definitely arrived when the box office started to normalize. I really wanted to watch it back during the summer, but I forgot about it for a few months. My wife and I watched it the other night.

The Princess asleep in the bed at top of the castle tower The Princess 2022 Film Hulu Joey King

As far as I know, The Princess is set in a generic kingdom with no name. We see the title character The Princess asleep in a bed. She was actually drugged and chained in the bed in preparation for her wedding to her supposed groom.

The Princess wearing wedding dress The Princess 2022 Film Hulu Joey King

And it was true that she was supposed to marry him. Her father, the King liked him and he was a lord of good standing. But she got cold feet at the last minute and bailed on him.

Julius and Moira The Princess 2022 Film Hulu Dominic Cooper Olga Kurylenko

He does what any reasonable person would do… he starts an coup and overthrows the King and his family. Instead of being the new king, he definitely is the drama queen.

The Princess fighting large knight The Princess 2022 Film Hulu Joey King

So instead of marrying him and being his new queen, she chooses the path of violence. And he’s got a lot of goons all over the castle.

Veronica Ngo as Linh

When I saw the trailer I was wondering how she was so skilled and powerful. We learn shortly that she was trained by an Asian woman who was supposed to teach her etiquette but instead she taught her martial arts.

Dominic Cooper as evil Julius The Princess 2022 Film Hulu

I will say Dominic Cooper’s portrayal as the evil Lord Julius is a bit too silly for my liking. He’s a notable presence, don’t get me wrong, but they kind of ruined his character a little by making him so inhuman.

The Princess with a sword The Princess 2022 Film Hulu Joey King

Critical and audience opinions we’re rather mixed on this one. The first half actually is a pretty cool roller coaster. But once that stops, it loses its momentum and you realize that they spend a lot more time worrying about the action than the story. I will say that I enjoyed the movie, but I definitely can’t blame anybody who either disliked it or hated it.

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  1. Theresa says:

    I forgot about this one too. I’ll have to give it a watch and see what I think though soon.


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