Our 2022 Halloween

Baby boy in monkey costume Halloween daycare

My son Alexander started Halloween at his daycare. He got to wear his extra costume which was a monkey.

Rosalina and Princess Peach Halloween costumes

Then at 6:00 at night, we trick or treated as a family. I invited Princess L’s father to spend Halloween with us. He will have control of her for Halloween 4 years from now, and I would prefer that Alexander trick or treat still with his sister. The little girl in pink is her dad’s girlfriend’s daughter. Both of them are being Mario characters with Princess L being Rosalina and the other kid is Princess Peach, of course.

Mando and grogu trick or treating Mandalorian baby Yoda

Like we did at Boo in the Zoo, me and him were the Mandalorian and Baby Yoda. Plenty of compliments came our way.

Baby Yoda trick or treating South Carolina Mauldin

Our neighborhood was a bit disappointing this Halloween. There are enough houses to make any kid have too much candy to carry back home. But not even half this neighborhood was participating. The kiddos had a good time, but we might take them to a different neighborhood next year.

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  1. mlouisebarbourfundyblue says:

    What wonderful photos you shared, Adam! It looks like you all had fun. Alexander in his two costumes is doubly adorable, and so are the two girls! Blended families like yours were very common among my school kids, and I admired the parents who could rise above the challenges these blends inherently have and focus on the children. Kiddos to you all! I miss the Halloween fun I had with my school kiddos and the trick-or-treaters who visited our home when we lived in a neighborhood with lots of kids. Take care!


  2. Such cute costumes, Rosalina and Princess Peach, and Alexander as Monkey/Baby Yoda! Looks like everyone had fun! It’s a good thing to include Princess L’s dad in order to encourage and maintain the connection between the siblings as custody/access arrangements shift. The friendlier and more cooperative all the adults remain, the better for the kids.


  3. Martha says:

    Adorable costumes! Halloween is always a fun family event. It’s really nice that you encourage a healthy connection with L’s dad. She (and all of you) will benefit from that.


  4. Theresa says:

    Everyone looks so cute in their costumes. Too bad about not a lot of people passing out candy. Our neighborhood is good at participating, but not many kids come down my street. It’s an uphill walk and a dead end, so many kids skip it. The ones who do get full size candy bars from us. This year I only passed out about 25 bars but bought 60.


  5. Lovely photographs, everyone looks great in their costumes.

    All the best Jan


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