Things I Like: Leonard Hofstadter (Big Bang Theory)

Leonard Hofstadter wearing itchy sweater Big Bang Theory Johnny Galecki

Well there isn’t a main character of Big Bang Theory, Leonard Hofstadter would probably be the main contender. While Sheldon Cooper is more popular, a lot of the plot does revolve around Leonard’s goals and desires.

Leonard Hofstadter as Hobbit for Halloween Penny as black cat Big Bang Theory Johnny Galecki

In many ways, Leonard is the stereotypical nerd. For many nerds, seeing his desires for Penny reminds us of our first years trying to get a girlfriend. While Penny is not my type, I did understand why Leonard was after her. Honestly his best moments interacting with Penny were when he was desperately out of his luck at getting a date with her.

Leonard Hofstadter and Penny watch Nebraska college football Big Bang Theory Johnny Galecki

Even though it takes a long time, they do eventually fall in love and get married to each other. But by the end of the series, I was actually rooting for Penny to leave him. Penny actually acted like a pretty decent wife but Leonard acted like a crappy husband who wasn’t grateful. And I’m pretty sure he did mild cheating. Their personalities and tastes are so different too. Despite how much the show wanted to force it, they really were an odd couple.

Leonard Hofstadter and Priya Koothrappali  Big Bang Theory Johnny Galecki

Leonard’s romantic life before he gets married to Penny was pretty pathetic. One of the ones I remember most was his relationship with Raj’s sister. They both call it off when they both cheat on each other. Leonard I believe was a kiss while she slept with her ex-boyfriend. Honestly they kind of deserve each other.

Leonard Hofstadter dating plus size Stephanie Barnett Big Bang Theory Johnny Galecki

Honestly in my opinion, his most attractive girlfriend was Doctor Stephanie Barnett. She was curvy, beautiful, and a doctor. Of course, Leonard somehow manages to screw it all up but they leave the reasoning a mystery. It was nice for the show to feature a plus size girl when they usually casted girls who were unhealthy level skinny.

Leonard Hofstadter and Sheldon at Caltech Big Bang Theory Johnny Galecki

I guess the best part about Leonard is that he was a decent friend. He wasn’t the perfect pal but neither were his buddies either. I do sympathize with him putting up with Sheldon.

Leonard Hofstadter using science lab Big Bang Theory Johnny Galecki

While I did like him, he was a whiny little b!@&*.

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