Things I Like: Slumberland (2022 Film)

Slumberland 2022 Netflix movie poster Jason Momoa Marlow Barkley

The other night my wife and I had the opportunity to watch a movie. I gave her the choice between Slumberland and Disenchanted. Like most women, she has a thing for Jason Momoa, so I don’t know why I bothered giving her an option, LOL. Netflix kept giving me previews when I was browsing and I was honestly intrigued by the movie myself too.

Nemo and her dad on the lighthouse Slumberland 2022 Netflix movie

The movie technically revolves around a simple lighthouse. But the story is not about keeping ships safe. It’s not even really about the lighthouse at all.

Nemo and her dad Slumberland 2022 Netflix movie Marlow Barkley Kyle Chandler

Instead the movie is about a young girl named Nemo, who lives at the lighthouse with her dad. She lives a very happy life with her father, until he drowns at sea for unknown reasons.

Uncle Philip takes Nemo to fancy private school Slumberland 2022 Netflix movie Chris O'Dowd

It was in his will and testament that she should live with her estranged uncle, Philip. The two brothers were very close in childhood but grew apart as they got older. Philip means well, but he’s basically the opposite of her father, and neither Philip nor Nemo are very thrilled about the idea of living together.

Flip and Nemo Slumberland 2022 Netflix movie Jason Momoa Marlow Barkley

During her first night at Phillip’s house, she stumbles into the dream world of Slumberland. Operating kind of like the dream version of the internet, they can hop into any dreams they would like. That’s where she meets Flip, her dad’s old adventure buddy. While he doesn’t really seem trustworthy, he does tease a treasure that both of them want.

Agent Green Slumberland 2022 Netflix movie Weruche Opia

But what both of them are doing is technically against the laws of the dream world. A cop named Agent Green is desperately trying to put Flip behind bars for thirty years of havoc.

Nemo uses pearl to wish for Flip to wake up Slumberland 2022 Netflix movie Marlow Barkley

I will say that Slumberland is a good movie, but I was a little disappointed. The film can be kind of depressing and when Nemo goes in and out of Slumberland, it can sometimes really interesting or downright boring.

Pig Nemo and Flip on airplane Slumberland 2022 Netflix movie Jason Momoa Marlow Barkley

And Jason Momoa doesn’t really break or make the movie either. Honestly, the best character in the whole movie is Nemo’s stuffed animal pig named Pig, which actually comes to life when she enters her dreams. I would imagine this movie will be rather forgettable in about twenty years. But it’s definitely not a bad choice for Netflix subscribers.


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  1. Ananka says:

    Adam, I totally DO NOT have a thing for Jason Momoa haha! Funny we watched it the other day too. I really enjoyed it 😀 Though I did cry at lots of bits!

    The guy I have a thing for is Andre Braugher ❤


  2. Theresa says:

    I don’t get the fascination with Momoa. He’s just not my cuppa. Though the movie does look cute and I did add it to my queue last week when I saw it on Netflix. Glad it got your seal of approval.


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