Things I Hate: George “Georgie” Cooper (Big Bang Theory)

Georgie Cooper Big Bang Theory Jerry O'Connell

While mentioned very many times throughout the series, we don’t see Sheldon’s brother Georgie until pretty late in the game. I don’t necessarily hate him, but it was just a waste of a character that should have been more important.

Georgie Cooper's tire shop Big Bang Theory Jerry O'Connell

George became very successful selling tires in Texas. By the time the brothers reunite, they hadn’t spoken for apparently 10 years. George was definitely very rednecky Southern which clashes with Sheldon’s personality.

Georgie Cooper meets Amy Farrah Fowler Big Bang Theory Jerry O'Connell

But they do manage to act like brothers should act, at least for the most part.


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  1. Musings says:

    Wow… I vaguely remember him on Big Bang Theory, but I thought he was older looking. Gosh.


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