Things I Like: Stephanie Barnett (Big Bang Theory)

Stephanie Barnett Big Bang Theory Sara Rue

Most of the women on Big Bang Theory are not my type, but Dr. Stephanie Barnett definitely was more so. It was actually really relieving to see a plus size woman featured so positively on a national television show.

Stephanie Barnett red hair black dress on date with Howard Wolowitz Mars Rover Big Bang Theory Sara Rue

She enters the story by meeting Howard and agreeing to date him if she was shown the Mars rover that he was working on. But she quickly jumped ship to dating Leonard seriously.

Stephanie Barnett impressing Sheldon Cooper Big Bang Theory Sara Rue

Not only was she probably the most qualified real doctor on the show, Sheldon Cooper like her a lot. Which says so many things.

Stephanie Barnett kissing Leonard Hofstadter Big Bang Theory Sara Rue

And sure enough her and Leonard had pretty darn good chemistry together.

Stephanie Barnett meets Penny Big Bang Theory Sara Rue

The big rock in their relationship was her being jealous when she met Penny and realized how big she was in Leonard’s life.

Stephanie Barnett and Leonard talk about moving too fast Big Bang Theory Sara Rue

But stupidly, Leonard gets scared that the relationship was moving too fast. And while we don’t get to see the breakup, they do eventually break up off-screen. That boy ain’t smart.


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