Things I Like: Mixtape (2021 Film)

Mixtape 2021 Netflix movie poster

My wife picked this out on Netflix the other day for us to watch. I had no idea what it was or that it even existed. But I’m willing to sit through most movies.

Beverly Moody Mixtape 2021 Netflix movie Gemma Brooke Allen

The movie is set in the last months of 1999. Primarily focusing on a young girl named Beverly Moody.

Julie Bowen as Gail Mixtape 2021 Netflix movie

She’s raised by her very young grandmother Gail who had her mother when she was very young, who in turn had Beverly when she was really young. Beverly’s parents died in a car crash and Gail gets too sad to really tell her about her parents.

Old photo of Beverly's parents Mixtape 2021 Netflix movie

She really didn’t get to know them because she was 2 years old when they died. But she finds a mixtape that belonged to them but it gets eaten up in a Walkman. She then decides to find every song in that mixtape and listens to it individually.

Beverly finding songs with Asian friend Mixtape 2021 Netflix movie Gemma Brooke Allen

Unfortunately for her, she doesn’t have Napster, so she has to find these songs the hard way. But it will be the journey of finding these songs that she’ll find her real adventure.

Nick Thune as Anti Mixtape 2021 Netflix movie

I will say the only character I really kind of liked was Anti who is the store owner of the music place. He was a good friend to Beverly despite having so much resistance at first.

Ellen and Nicky Mixtape 2021 Netflix movie Olga Petsa Audrey Hsieh

It’s not a very bad movie but it’s also not a spectacularly good movie either. It feels much feels like a movie made for Lifetime or Hallmark but with a little Netflix touch. While I did technically like it, I’m sure I’ll forget all about it in a decade.

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  1. Theresa says:

    1999 was when I had my daughter at quite a young age. I’m glad she’ll be 24 this year and isn’t thinking about having any kids any time soon. I can’t imagine being a grandma right now at 43! I haven’t heard of this movie, but I may check it out.


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