Things I Like: Calypso (Twisted Metal 1)

Calypso Twisted Metal 1 PlayStation

It’s hard to say if Calypso is really the villain of Twisted Metal 1 but he’s definitely an interesting character. He created the Twisted Metal tournament to give somebody a wish for “reasons”…

Text only endings Calypso Twisted Metal 1 PlayStation

But like the infamous monkey’s paw, he often finds ways to twist wishes for his own pleasure. Unfortunately for most gamers, they only got to see the text only endings in the original game.

Lost endings Calypso bikini babes and buff bodyguards Twisted Metal 1 PlayStation

Sony had hired terrible actors to film the endings which became “lost.” Calypso meets all victors in a parking garage surrounded by bikini girls and bodyguards. They are so bad, they’re hilariously good.


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