Baby Alexander’s 1st Easter Photos At Daycare

Baby boy Easter Photos with bunny

My son’s daycare does a free photo shoot every Spring and Autumn for the kids. For Spring, they make it Easter themed obviously. So we got him all looking sharp and cute and he got to pose next to a bunny rabbit.

Baby boy petting bunny rabbit Easter Photos

The daycare people told me that he loved that bunny rabbit. So much so that he was crying in tears when they took him away from the bunny.


5 Comments Add yours

  1. Martha says:

    Such adorable images! He looks so happy.


  2. Ananka says:

    Amazing photo of Alexander 😀


  3. Theresa says:

    Such cute photos of Alexander! The photographer did a great job!


  4. Such lovely photographs.
    Happy Easter Wishes.

    All the best Jan


  5. What a terrific photo of him petting that bunny!


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