(Not So) Fun Fact: Putin’s Ties To Trump’s Social Media Platform

Fun facts about Donald Trump Republican and Vladimir Putin Russia

In an investigation into Trump Media which runs his social media company Truth Social, Donald Trump had received a 8 million dollar loan from a Russian oligarch with very close ties to Vladimir Putin.


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  1. Sandra Cox says:

    Disgusting but not surprising.


  2. Emmylou says:

    But of course…:O
    I hope he goes to jail!!


  3. See…as crooked as they come. Only makes one wonder who many more there is from Russia giving him money.

    I have missed you and your fun facts Adam!!!


  4. motiv8n says:

    Great post! I found it interesting that Donald Trump received an 8 million dollar loan from a Russian oligarch with ties to Putin. Do you think this could have affected the content that was shared on Truth Social? I’m curious to hear your thoughts on the matter.


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