Things I Like: Fight Club (1999 Film)

Fight Club 1999 movie poster Brad Pitt Edward Norton

When Fight Club came out, I was only 11 years old and definitely too young to watch the movie. It was originally a box office bomb and had a mixed reaction from critics. But it later became a cult classic, and for good reason too. I finally watched it recently as it’s currently on Hulu.

The Narrator Fight Club 1999 movie

Edward Norton plays the nameless Narrator who is the main character. He’s just a regular guy that has almost no joys in life. He finds his only hobby is to go to random support groups and pretend to be a member.

Marla at support group Fight Club 1999 movie  Helena Bonham Carter

That’s when he meets a woman named Marla who does the same exact thing. He figures it out when she decides to go see the support group for men who have suffered from testicular cancer.

Narrator and Tyler Durden Fight Club 1999 movie Brad Pitt Edward Norton

But what changes his life dramatically is meeting a rather peculiar man named Tyler Dugan. He claims to be a soap salesman but he ends up being his roommate in one of the worst big houses you could ever imagine.

Fights outside Fight Club 1999 movie

Randomly, both men start a group for others to fight just for the fun of it. It has rules and regulations but it’s all kept underground. Before anybody realizes it, its members are almost like a strange cult without a religion. But the Narrator will have no idea how this silly little club will spin into something much more serious.

Helena Bonham Carter as Marla Fight Club 1999 movie

I will say that I was excited to see that Helena Bonham Carter was a part of Fight Club when I played the opening credits. This was a good bit before she became Bellatrix LeStrange in Harry Potter. She does well here and she’s one of the few sane characters in the story.

Brad Pitt as Tyler Durden Fight Club 1999 movie

Brad Pitt was also good casting to be Tyler Dugan. But if they decided to remake the movie, I could see another actor in that role.

Edward Norton as The Narrator Fight Club 1999 movie

And as always, Edward Norton does a pretty good job as he’s one of the most fantastic actors to ever live. I was spoiled on the twist of Fight Club and I kind of wish they had kept it a little bit more subtle. I do think the movie is pretty good, but after the twist; it does get a little too unbelievable for my taste.


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  1. Theresa says:

    I liked this one when it came out. Haven’t seen it in many years though.


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